Strong Motion Seismology, DPRI, Kyoto Univ.


Doctoral Dissertation

Date Name Title
2015/3/23 Hisahiko Kubo Study on rupture processes of large interplateearthquakes estimated by fully Bayesian sourceinversions using multi period-band strong-motion data -The 2011 Tohoku-oki and the 2011Ibaraki-oki earthquakes-
2012/5/23 Masayuki Kuriyama (in Japanese)
2011/3/22 Asako Iwaki Study on Seismic Wave Propagation Characteristics in a Sedimentary Basin and Waveform Inversion for Three-Dimensional Basin Boundary Shape
2008/3/24 Wataru Suzuki Estimation of Broadband Source Process Based on Strong Motion Modeling
2007/3/23 Kimiyuki Asano Study on Strong Motion Generation Based on Detailed Analysis of Earthquake Source Rupture Process
2004/3/23 Cesar Aaron Moya Two alternative inversion techniques for the determination of seismic site response and propagation-path velocity structure: spectral inversion with reference events and neural networks
2004/3/23 Gülüm Birgören Strong motion simulation of the 1999 earthquakes in western Turkey: Stochastic Green's function technique with characterized source model and phase dependent site resoponse
2003/3/24 Wenbo Zhang Study on Dynamic Rupture Process and Near Source Strong Motion Simulation
-Case of the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, Earthquake-
2003/3/24 Hiroe Miyake Frequency-Dependent Source Heterogeneities for Broadband Ground Motion Simulation
2002/3/25 Luis Angel Dalguer A Full Dynamic Shear and Tensile Crack Propagation during an Earthquake using a 3D Discrete Element Method
2000/3/23 Nelson Pulido Constraints for Dynamics Models of the Rupture from Kinematic Source Inversion
1999/7/23 Hiroo Nemoto Estimation of the rupture zone from the aftershock distribution immediately after the 1995 Hyogo-Ken Nanbu(Kobe) earthquake using heuristic search
1999/3/23 Haruko Sekiguchi Rupture Process Analysis of the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake
1998/3/23 Jorge Aguirre G. Strong Ground Motion Studies on the 1995 Hyogo-Ken Nanbu earthquake : Nonlinearity in soft soil layers and inversion of the high frequency radiation in the source
1997/5/23 Ken Hatayama Excitation of secondary Love and Rayleigh waves in a three-dimensional sedimentary basin evaluated by direct boundary element method with normal modes
1997/3/24 Arben Pitarka Modeling wave propagation in two-and three-dimensional heterogeneous structures and its application in the strong ground motion prediction
1996/3/23 Shin Aoi Boundary Shape Waveform Inversion for Two-Dimensional Basin Structure using Array Data
1995/3/23 Yasumaro Kakehi Study on the rupture process of large earthquakes by the envelope inversion of acceleration seismograms
1989/3/23 Tomotaka Iwata A Study of Earthquake Source Characteristics from High-Frequency Strong Ground Motions

Master's Thesis

Date Name Title
2016/3/23 Hiroki Tanaka (in Japanese)
2015/3/23 Miho Tanaka Dynamic triggering between multiple faults during an earthquake
-The 2011 Fukushima-ken Hamadori, Japan, earthquake and the 2010 Darfield, New Zealand, earthquake-
2014/3/24 Kayoko Sato (in Japanese)
2011/3/22 Masaharu Takiguchi The Comparison of Source Models of the Ibaraki-ken-oki Repeating Sunduction-zone Large Earthquakes Estimated Using the Broadband Strong Motion Records
2010/3/23 Miho Kimura Ground Motion Characteristics of Surface Layers at the IWTH25 Site during the Strong and Weak Motions
2010/3/23 Kazuhiro Somei (in Japanese)
2008/3/24 Asako Iwaki Characteristics of long-period ground motion in the Osaka sedimentary basin
2007/3/23 Chikako Shirakawa (in Japanese)
2005/3/23 Wataru Suzuki Source Characteristics of Interplate Earthquakes Estimated from Strong Motion Modeling
- Analysis of Earthquakes in the Off-shore of Tokachi and Kushiro Regions -
2004/3/23 Kimiyuki Asano Quantitative Estimation of Source Rupture Process and Strong Ground Motion Characteristics of the 2002 Denali, Alaska, Earthquake
2003/3/24 Yasuhisa Nagawa Simulation of long-period (5-10s) ground motions in the Oita basin during the 2000 Tottori-ken Seibu earthquake
2001/3/23 Yasuhiro Matsumoto (in Japanese)
2001/3/23 Masahiko Yagi (in Japanese)
2000/3/23 Hiroe Miyake Source Characterization of Inland Crustal Earthquakes based on Time and Frequency Domain Analyses using Strong Ground Motion Records
1999/3/23 Yoshiyuki Maruo (in Japanese)
1998/3/23 Cesar Aaron Moya Seismic Attenuation and Site Response in the Osaka Basin Area, and Source Parameters of the Aftershocks of the Kobe Earthquake, Japan
1997/3/24 Hiroshi Nakagawa (in Japanese)
1996/3/23 Susumu Inaba (in Japanese)
1996/3/23 Haruko Sekiguchi Minute Locating of Faulting beneath Kobe and the Waveform Inversion of the Source Process during the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake using Strong Ground Motion Records
1995/3/23 Jorge Aguirre G. Time domain analysis of non-linear site effects during strong ground motions using empirical Green's function method
1995/3/33 Midori Yamamoto (in Japanese)