Division of Earthquake Disasters, DPRI


Fundamental and applied studies on strong ground motion generation and earthquake disaster mitigation for buildings and infrastructures

Strong Motion Seismology The research is focused on earthquake sources, seismic wave propagation, and site effects to study observed ground motion characteristics and to develop advanced methodologies of broadband strong ground motion prediction for evaluating the seismic hazard from destructive earthquakes.
(Prof. Tomotaka IWATA, Assoc. Prof. Kimiyuki ASANO)
Dynamics of Foundation Structures Integrate theories and methodologies related to earthquake disaster mechanisms: seismic wave generations, nonlinear soil structure response, and nonlinear dynamic response of structure systems. Develop new generation devices for rational seismic design on civil engineering structures.
(Prof. Sumio SAWADA, Assoc. Prof. Hiroyuki GOTO)
Structural Dynamics In an event of an earthquake, source, path, and site characteristics as well as soil-foundation-structure interaction strongly a ects the seismic action to structures. Studies to understand these characteristics and their in uence, and risk evaluation considering the degree of in uence of each aspect, are conducted to reduce seismic disasters.
(Prof. Shin'ichi MATSUSHIMA, Assoc. Prof. Fumiaki Nagashima)