SMS Members in 2020

Faculties and Staffs

Professor IWATA Tomotaka Homepage Dr.Sc.
Room# S-408D
Associate Professor ASANO Kimiyuki Homepage Dr.Sc.
Room# S-407D
Concurrent Faculty FUKUYAMA Eiichi Dr.Sci.
Graduate Dchool of Engieering, Kyoto University
Concurrent Faculty UEBAYASHI Hirotoshi Homepage Dr.Eng.
Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University
Secretary ASANO Miyuki Room# S-406D


JSPS Postdoc Research Fellow Loïc VIENS Homepage Room# S-404D
until Oct. 2020. Now at University of Michigan


Doctoral Course 2 SOMEI Kazuhiro Homepage Room# S-401D
Master Course 2 FUKUTOME Shuta Room# S-401D