Outline of Research Topics

The research is focused on earthquake sources, seismic wave propagation, and site effects to study ground motion characteristics and to develop advanced methodologies of strong motion prediction for evaluating the seismic hazard from destructive earthquakes.

1. Seismic Wave Generation in Earthquake Source

source inversion of recent events
Source models of recent inland earthquakes in Japan obtained from strong motion data


2. Seismic Wave Propagation and Site Effects

mircotremor observation
Microtremor observation at a strong motion station

3. Strong Motion Prediction for Scenario Earthquakes

long-period ground motion prediction in osaka basin
Long-period ground motion prediction in osaka basin from the anticipated Nankai earthquake

Strong Motion Obaservations

Scenes of Our Lab.

workstation textbook seminar
(Left) Data analysis using workstations, (Right) English textbook seimnar

agu presentation defense for dissertation
(Left) Student presentation at international conference, (Right) Ph.D defense