Strong Motion Seismology Seminar

Date: 2004 February 18 (Wed.) 1030-1130
Place: Room #570, 5th floor of main building
Speaker: Dr. Ali Oncel (Visiting researcher of GSJ-AIST)
Title: Seismic source characterization defined by minima of local recurrence time before the 2003 MJ8.0 Tokachi-Oki Earthquake"

We specify the most likely locations of asperities in the Tokachi-Oki rupture plane and compare their places, sizes and numbers to suggested asperities defined by strong-motion modelling. We used the technique of mapping local recurrence time (TL) based on the declustered microseismicity that is homogeneous for MJ8.0 during 1997-2003. We mapped TL in the rupture area bounded by 41.5-42.8 latitude and 143-144.9 longitude. TL is the probabilistic estimate of recurrence time, calculated from the a- and b-values.