UJ Cooperative Research SUBTHEMES OF THE TOPIC

The four themes are including several sub-themes as follows,
1. Source effects on seismic motions
Source characterization for estimating strong ground motions
Wide-frequency-band modeling of earthquake source
Simulations of high-frequency ground motion in near-source area

2. Geological effects on seismic motions
Efficient exploration method of S-wave velocity structure of sedimentary basins near active faults for a standardized strong motion prediction
Development and applications of the hybrid 3D finite element and Green's function method for ground motion simulation

3. Simulation methods of seismic ground motions
Simulation of near-fault ground motion using hybrid-method
High-resolution prediction of strong motion range using macro-micro analysis
Broadband simulation of near-fault strong motions by theoretical and semi-empirical approaches

4. Design ground motions
Characterization of near-field ground motion effects for improved design