UJ Cooperative Research OBJECTIVES
From lessons of the 1994 Northridge and the 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu (Kobe) earthquakes, we learned that estimation of near-source ground motions are quite important for mitigation of seismic disasters. Methods to predict near-source ground motions in a quantitative manner are developed. Both theoretical and semi-empirical approaches are applied taking into account the physical and geometrical properties of earthquake faults and seismic wave propagation characteristics of the crust and surface geology. Characteristics of strong ground motions in the near source area will be used for the improvements of design ground motions. Four main research themes will be treated in this group, 1.Source effects on seismic motions, 2.Geological effects on seismic motions, 3.Simulation methods of seismic ground motions, and 4.Design ground motions.