US-Japan Cooperative Research

for Urban Earthquake Disaster Mitigation

- Kyoto Grantees Meeting -


Program for Group Discussion ‡TA


DATE:   October 21  11:00 17:30

October 22   9:00  - 12:30

PLACE: D1510, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University



October 21, 11:00 17:30



T. Iwata (Kyoto Univ.)


(20 minutes for 1 presentation including Q & A)


Group meeting (1)     


Chairperson:  K. Kamae (11:10 12:30)


Earthquake source and strong ground motion characteristics of the June 23, 2001 Mw 8.4 Peru subduction earthquake

P. G. Somerville (URS Greiner Woodward Clyde)


Heterogeneous rupture process of a slab earthquake: analysis of the 2001 Geiyo earthquake using high-density strong motion observation network data

Y. Kakehi (Kobe Univ.)


Dynamic source parameters in the characterized source model

T. Iwata (Kyoto Univ)


Discussion 1

Chairperson :K. Kamae (12:10 12:30)


---------------  Lunch time (12:30 13:30) -----------


Group meeting (2)


Chairperson: H. Kawase and G. Beroza (13:30 17:30)


Fundamental characteristics of strong-motion radiation patterns

S. Matsushima (ORI, Inc.)


A study on radiation pattern and wave propagation characteristics in random media

T. Sato (ORI, Inc.)


3-D ground motion simulations using FEM based on domain reduction method

Y. Hisada (Kogakuin Univ.)


Waveform modeling in basin environments

R. Graves (URS Greiner Woodward Clyde)


------- break (14:50 15:10)  --------


Characteristics between surface and subsurface rupture earthquakes

T. Kagawa (Geo-Research Institute)


Empirical relation of effective stress on asperity inferred from source inversion and spectrum inversion to fault type and depth

K. Dan (ORI, Inc.)


Source parameterization in strong ground motion simulations using broad-band kinematic modeling

A. Pitarka (URS Greiner Woodward Clyde)


Broad-band strong ground motion prediction of subduction earthquakes in Japan

   K. Kamae (Kyoto Univ.)


Discussion 2

Chairperson : H. Kawase and G. Beroza (16:30 17:30)



------- Reception in Daigo Plaza Hotel (18:30 20:30)  --------


October 22, 9:00 12:30


Group meeting (3)  


Chairperson: T. Sato and A. Pitarka (9:00 12:30)


Strong ground motion simulation using dynamic rupture model

T. Miyatake (ERI, Tokyo Univ.)


Towards physics-based prediction of strong ground motion

G. Beroza (Stanford Univ.)


Recipe for predicting strong ground motion combined with dynamic asperity- source model

K. Irikura (Kyoto Univ.)


------- break (10:00 10:20)  --------


Application of multi-scale analysis method to compute strong motion distribution and resulting structural response

T. Ichimura (Tohoku Univ.)


Building damages for Fukuoka city based on a hybrid method

H. Kawase (Kyushu Univ.)


Discussion 3

Chairperson :T. Sato and A. Pitarka (11:00 11:40)


General Discussion

Chairperson :P. G. Somerville and T. Iwata (11:40 12:20)




P.G. Somerville








Participant List


Paul G. Somerville (URS Greiner Woodward Clyde)

Robert Graves (URS Greiner Woodward Clyde)

Arben Pitarka (URS Greiner Woodward Clyde)

Greg Beroza (Stanford Univ.)


Kojiro Irikura (Kyoto Univ.)

Tomotaka Iwata (Kyoto Univ.)

Katsuhiro Kamae (Kyoto Univ.)

Takashi Miyatake (Tokyo Univ.)

Hiroshi Kawase (Kyushu Univ.)

Yoshiaki Hisada (Kogakuin Univ.)

Yasumaro Kakehi (Kobe Univ.)

Tsuyoshi Ichimura (Tohoku Univ.)

Takao Kagawa (Geo-Research Institute)

Toshiaki Sato (ORI, Inc.)

Kazuo Dan (ORI, Inc.)

Shinichi Matsushima (ORI, Inc.)