Publication List in 2015

Reviewed Papers

Asano, K., T. Iwata, K. Miyakoshi, and M. Ohori (2015).
Study on Underground Velocity Structure Model in the Kaga Plain And the Ochigata Plain Using Microtremor Observations, J. Jpn. Assoc. Earthq. Eng., 15(7), 194-204 (in Japanese with English abstract). [Link]
Kusumoto, S., Y. Itoh, K. Takemura, and T. Iwata (2015).
Displacement Fields of Sedimentary Layers Controlled by Fault Parameters: The Discrete Element Method of Controlling Basement Motions by Dislocation Solutions, Earth Sciences, 4(3), 89-94. [Link]
Maufroy, E., E. Chaljub, F. Hollender, J. Kristek, P. Moczo, P. Klin, E. Priolo, A. Iwaki, T. Iwata, V. Etienne, F. De Martin, N. Theodoulidis, M. Manakou, C. Guyonnet-Benaize, K. Pitilakis, P.-Y. Bard (2015).
Earthquake ground motion in the Mygdonian basin, Greece: The E2VP verification and validation of 3D numerical simulation up to 4 Hz, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 105, 1398-1418. [Link]