Strong Motion Seismology, DPRI, Kyoto Univ.

Publication List in 2007

Reviewed Papers

Kumamoto, T., M. Fujita, Y. Shimohashi and M. Kuriyama,
Application of logic-tree analysis to uncertainties in earthquake magnitude estimation for a long active fault system, Active Fault Research, 27, 95-111, 2007 (in Japanese with English abstract).
Suita, K., Y. Kitamura, T. Goto, T. Iwata, and K. Kamae,
Seismic response of high-rise buildings constructed in 1970s subjected to long-period ground motions: Using predicted ground motions from hypothetical Nankai trough earthquakes in Kansai area, J. Constr. Struct. Eng., AIJ, 611, 55-61, 2007 (in Japanese with English abstract). [Link]
Suzuki, W. and T. Iwata,
Source model of the 2005 Miyagi-Oki, Japan, earthquake estimated from broadband strong motions, Earth Planets Space, 59, 1155-1171, 2007. [Link]


Iwata, T. and K. Asano,
Source process characteristics of the 2007 Noto-Hanto earthquake, Proc. 35th Symp. Earthq. Ground Motion, AIJ, Tokyo, 7-12, November 2007 (in Japanese with English abstract).
Oprsal, I. and D. Fäe,
1D vs 3D Strong Ground Motion Hybrid Modeling of Site and Pronounced Topography Effects at Augusta Raurica, Switzerland -Earthquakes or Battles?, Proc. 4th Int'l. Conf. Earthq. Geotech. Eng., Thessaloniki, Greece, 1416, June 2007.

Books and other publications

Asano, K. and T. Iwata,
Source rupture process and near-source strong ground motion of the 2005 west off Fukuoka prefecture earthquake, Chikyu Monthly, 29, 106-110, 2007. (in Japanese)
Shirakawa, C. and T. Iwata,
Ground Motion Characteristics of South-East Kyoto Basin Site Using Three Dimensional Small Aperture Seismic Array at Uji Campus, Kyoto University, Annuals of Disas. Prev. Res. Inst., Kyoto Univ., 50, 251-258, 2007. [Link]