SMS Members in 2019

Faculties and Staffs

Professor Tomotaka Iwata Homepage Dr.Sc.
Room# S-408D
Associate Professor Kimiyuki Asano Homepage Dr.Sc.
Room# S-407D
Part-time Lecturer Hiroe Miyake Homepage Dr.Sc.
University of Tokyo
Concurrent Faculty Hirotoshi Uebayashi Dr.Eng.
Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University
Secretary Miyuki Asano Room# S-406D


JSPS Postdoc Research Fellow Loïc Viens Homepage Room# S-404D


Doctoral Course 1 Kazuhiro Somei Room# S-401D
Master Course 2 Kaori Nagai Room# S-401D
Master Course 2 Hayato Shimazu Room# S-401D
Master Course 1 Shuta Fukutome Room# S-401D